Our Team

Hi! I am so glad you have found us! My name is Ashley Coleman and I am the mom to 3 amazing kiddos: 1 boy (Tripp,5) and 2 girls (Lillian,3 and Scarlett,1). I have always had a passion for health and fitness since my days as a competitive gymnast for 20 years. As I have gotten older that passion has only gotten stronger with a minor in exercise physiology from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and a personal trainer certification from ACE. Making fitness fun has always been important to me because I have found that if it is fun you are more likely to do it! Once I had my first baby 5 years ago I found myself in a rut because I didn't know HOW to exercise with a baby. I had a hard time putting me first in order to get in that workout that I desperately needed and wanted. Luckily after I had my 2nd child I stumbled across Fit4Mom Stroller Strides and was instantly hooked! I realized it WAS possible to take the time for ME to exercise while also making it fun for my child and still be present. I quickly found myself back at my pre-pregnancy weight and energy level and was a Fit4Mom fan for life. That lead to me becoming certified as an instructor where I taught for about 2 years in Carlsbad, CA. Once my family permanently relocated back to NC, I was on a quest to remain connected with Fit4Mom and it just so happened I was able to become a franchisee to help spread the love of Fit4Mom. All of our programs are amazing and there is truly something for everyone! Pregnant? Awesome...we have Fit4Baby! Have young kiddos and want to have other mom friends to hang with? StrollerStrides! Are you a mom of ANY age and just want to feel like YOU again? Body Back is perfect for you! The support and love you find in all of these programs is unparalleled and I would love to meet you. Trust me when I say you are worth it!