Why Moms Should Put Themselves First!!

Hi Mamas!! First, I want to say Congratulations!! If you are reading this blog, you are making the first step toward your journey of strength for motherhood!! And when I say strength, I mean physical and mental strength!!!

I am a mom to a 3 year old son who is the love of my life!!! I have been blessed beyond belief to have this amazing human being in my life!! He has become my side kick and I wouldn’t have it any other way!! But with that being said, being a wife, stepmother, and a stay at home working mom is sometimes completely overwhelming!!! There is so much to learn about being a mom and babies don’t come with manuals!! I am learning every day. Sometimes I feel such accomplishment and feel that I have this Mom thing down pat and other days I feel like I make one mistake after the other. Some days I just want one hour by myself…even if involves a trip to the dreaded grocery store. Then I get that hour and I find myself with that empty feeling that I am missing something and I am!! I find myself thinking about my son while I am supposed to be enjoying some “me” time. I am constantly trying to find the “perfect” balance, if there is such a thing.

There is a lot that I did not know when I became a Mom. One is that Mommy Guilt is very REAL and two that putting yourself first is of upmost importance!! !! I know what you are thinking, how selfish?!? I know from experience that when you have children and a husband, you typically put yourself last, which is the biggest mistake that I have made as a mom. It took a health scare for me to wake up and realize that in order to take care of everyone else; I have to be healthy and strong physically and mentally! And, this is why I started Fit4Mom to make sure that there is a place for other Moms to be FIT FOR MOTHERHOOD!! A place where they feel that they can have some “me” time without the guilt of leaving their baby behind. So, I ask all of you to join me in the challenge to put yourself first so that you can be at your very best. If you are healthy and happy, then it is pretty safe to say that your family will be too!!

We are all in this together!! It is true, it takes a village! Honestly, I have been rewarded much more than I ever imagined when I decided to start this business!! I have met so many amazing ladies! I have watched friendships form that are true, strong and hopefully lifelong. I have seen babies turn into toddlers. I have seen moms get into the best shape of their lives. I have heard so many amazing stories that each of our Moms bring to the table. I have seen women come together to help others in the time of need. I have seen first time moms become confident. I have seen seasoned Moms learn from new moms. I have seen children learn to count, say their ABCs, sing songs and imitate our exercises. I have seen tears and I have seen laughter. And I have seen a group of kick butt women come together to support one another without judging! In my opinion, there is no better place to come to be healthy and happy. I love our village!

This is my time to put myself first……….for my family!!! Are you ready to put yourself first?