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Happy It’s-No-Longer-New-Years-Resolution-Month!

Happy It’s-No-Longer-New-Years-Resolution-Month! Ok so maybe that does not quite have the flow to it that I was going for, but you get the point. It’s February. It is no longer the “New Year, New You” corny-catchphrase month where you literally dissect your life into bits and pieces and over analyze what you could and should be doing better as a mom/wife/friend/human being. Ah, February, the month of love and chocolate.

Wait, chocolate?

Ugh…new years resolutions out-da-windowwww!

But, let’s get serious. February is a cold, often dreary month where the real work begins on those so-called resolutions. I have never written down any resolutions—ever-- but the guilt of constantly knowing what I want to work on bores a hole in my mind for each month that passes where I don’t make some effort to improve my body and soul.

Here at Fit4Mom, we try not to focus on a laundry list of resolutions that add to our already burdensome mommy load. We have kids for goodness’ sake! We don’t have time for guilt. We have time for fun. At least, that is what you are going to tell yourself from this point forward.

This month, I challenge you mommies to step out of your little (or giant) box of guilt about who you are, what your body has become, and why it isn’t perfect, and relax. Have a little Dove chocolate heart with pride, and get out and Stroller Stride!

Our fitness programs will allow you to throw that greasy hair up into a ponytail, tie on your sneakers and forget the days of judgment at the gym. You’ll lose yourself in the middle of bicep curls to the tune of “Wheels on the Bus” and realize instantly how much more important your journey is as a mom who feels good about herself on the inside, and just happens to look darn fine because she works out.